What color says about you

When you are choosing colors for your logo and branding, consider that what you choose says a lot about you and what you represent.

Photo by Kaboompics .com from Pexels

Red creates a sense of urgency. It invokes feelings of excitement and energy, it can represent strength and love. Famous brands that use red: Coca Cola, Kellogs, Nintendo, and Red Bull

Orange is a friendly color. It is optimistic, warm, and social. It an represent freedom, instinct, and motivation. Famous brands that chose orange include: Bitly, Blogger, Nikelodeon, and Fanta.

Blue is content and in control. It brings up feelings of determination, purpose, success, and ambition. It is modern, aware, and responsible. Brands that use blue are: Twitter, WordPress, Intel, and Facebook.

Purple is the color of creativity. It is unconventional. Respectable, original, and distinguished describe this color. It can also be deep and compassionate. Famous brands that chose purple: Cadbury, Yahoo, and Hallmark.

Found in nature and money, green is the color of balance and generosity. When you think of green think balance, stability, safety, and growth. Clarity, positivity, good judgement, and restoration are also represented. Green was a good choice for tic tac, Holiday Inn, John Deere, Starbucks, and LaCoste.

Pretty in pink. This is the color of femininity, warmth, intuition, and care. Pink is assertive, unconditional, and calm. This is also a color of love and sensitivity. Brands that use pink include Barbie, Victoria’s Secret, Roxie, and Cosmopolitan.

Bright and sunny yellow is curious, optimistic. and warm. It is the color of confidence and clarity, happiness and summer. This color grabs attention. Brand that love yellow: Best Buy, McDonalds, IKEA, Sprint, Ferrari, and Nikon.

Black is classic and bold. This powerful color works well with serious, powerful, and expensive brands. Lightening black to shades of gray brings feelings of calm and balance. Brands that use these colors: D&G, Audi, Prada, Apple, and Nike.

A good rule of thumb is to only choose one or two colors for your logo. Remember that there will be times your logo will need to be printed in black and white, so choose colors that will not translate to the same tone of gray.

Remember that all rules are made to be broken. Brands that have successfully used more than 3 colors: Google, Windows, NBC, and ebay.

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