What Makes a Good Logo?

A simple solution is often the most effective, because simplicity makes the design versatile. A minimalist approach enables your logo to be used across a wide range of media, from business cards to billboards, and ID badges to something as small as a website favicon.

Simplicity also makes your design easier to recognize, so it stands a greater chance of enduring. Think of the trademarks used by large corporations such as Audi, Apple, Nike, and Google. Their simple design makes them memorable.

A logo must be relevant to the business it identifies. A lawyer, for example, will have a design that’s different from a rock band. A bakery will look different from a lawn care company. 

Keep in mind, your logo doesn’t need to say what your company does. Often, the less a logo says the better. The Mercedes logo isn’t a car. The Apple logo isn’t a computer. The McDonalds logo isn’t a burger. Yet they’re all relevant within their markets.

Make your logo distinctive. The design should stand out from your competitors. Work in black and white initially to help create a more distinctive mark. Look at form, shape and contrast first. While color is important, it is secondary to form.

Think about size. Your logo needs to work on tiny items such as zipper pulls or pens. If it is complex this can cause the need for costly reworking. Look at your designs large and at this size of an inch. If it works for both, and you can draw it in under 30 seconds you’re on the right track.

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