What Makes a Good Logo?

A simple solution is often the most effective, because simplicity makes the design versatile. A minimalist approach enables your logo to be used across a wide range of media, from business cards to billboards, and ID badges to something as small as a website favicon.

Simplicity also makes your design easier to recognize, so it stands a greater chance of enduring. Think of the trademarks used by large corporations such as Audi, Apple, Nike, and Google. Their simple design makes them memorable.

A logo must be relevant to the business it identifies. A lawyer, for example, will have a design that’s different from a rock band. A bakery will look different from a lawn care company. 

Keep in mind, your logo doesn’t need to say what your company does. Often, the less a logo says the better. The Mercedes logo isn’t a car. The Apple logo isn’t a computer. The McDonalds logo isn’t a burger. Yet they’re all relevant within their markets.

Make your logo distinctive. The design should stand out from your competitors. Work in black and white initially to help create a more distinctive mark. Look at form, shape and contrast first. While color is important, it is secondary to form.

Think about size. Your logo needs to work on tiny items such as zipper pulls or pens. If it is complex this can cause the need for costly reworking. Look at your designs large and at this size of an inch. If it works for both, and you can draw it in under 30 seconds you’re on the right track.

What color says about you

When you are choosing colors for your logo and branding, consider that what you choose says a lot about you and what you represent.

Photo by Kaboompics .com from Pexels

Red creates a sense of urgency. It invokes feelings of excitement and energy, it can represent strength and love. Famous brands that use red: Coca Cola, Kellogs, Nintendo, and Red Bull

Orange is a friendly color. It is optimistic, warm, and social. It an represent freedom, instinct, and motivation. Famous brands that chose orange include: Bitly, Blogger, Nikelodeon, and Fanta.

Blue is content and in control. It brings up feelings of determination, purpose, success, and ambition. It is modern, aware, and responsible. Brands that use blue are: Twitter, WordPress, Intel, and Facebook.

Purple is the color of creativity. It is unconventional. Respectable, original, and distinguished describe this color. It can also be deep and compassionate. Famous brands that chose purple: Cadbury, Yahoo, and Hallmark.

Found in nature and money, green is the color of balance and generosity. When you think of green think balance, stability, safety, and growth. Clarity, positivity, good judgement, and restoration are also represented. Green was a good choice for tic tac, Holiday Inn, John Deere, Starbucks, and LaCoste.

Pretty in pink. This is the color of femininity, warmth, intuition, and care. Pink is assertive, unconditional, and calm. This is also a color of love and sensitivity. Brands that use pink include Barbie, Victoria’s Secret, Roxie, and Cosmopolitan.

Bright and sunny yellow is curious, optimistic. and warm. It is the color of confidence and clarity, happiness and summer. This color grabs attention. Brand that love yellow: Best Buy, McDonalds, IKEA, Sprint, Ferrari, and Nikon.

Black is classic and bold. This powerful color works well with serious, powerful, and expensive brands. Lightening black to shades of gray brings feelings of calm and balance. Brands that use these colors: D&G, Audi, Prada, Apple, and Nike.

A good rule of thumb is to only choose one or two colors for your logo. Remember that there will be times your logo will need to be printed in black and white, so choose colors that will not translate to the same tone of gray.

Remember that all rules are made to be broken. Brands that have successfully used more than 3 colors: Google, Windows, NBC, and ebay.

Add some pop to your presentation!

PowerPoint or Prezi, which is better? I think that depends on the audience and your personal preference. A presentation deck can be personalized for your business. Master slides can be used and customized for multiple presentations. If you’re looking for something new and exciting, Prezi does an interesting trick. It zooms in from a single image..think taking a deep dive into a topic…but not everyone is familiar with it. Do not despair, this same effect can be created in PowerPoint!

The video does a great job of walking you through how it works. Save the link, you may need it to update a presentation down the road. Here’s a screen grab of a presentation I created for a class project using this method. I can create one using your branding look and feel to make it uniquely you.

Check out the services link or contact me for more information.

A Squeaky Clean Computer

Photo by DESIGNECOLOGIST on Unsplash

When was the last time you cleaned your computer? We touch them every day and keyboards are wonderful collectors of hair, crumbs, and things we can’t see…germs. If it’s been a while, this handy guide will help you de-smudge and disinfect it.

First you’re going to need the right tools. You may think that cleaners you use every day like Windex and other spray cleaners are ok, but they can harm your electronics and damage the finish. Gather these instead:

  1. Compressed Air or an electronic duster
  2. Electronic cleaning brush
  3. A Screen cleaning kit (like Whoosh)
  4. Isopropyl Achohol 70% (mixed 1:1 with water)

First things first…Turn your computer off. If you can remove the laptop battery, do so. Start with the keyboard. If it’s been a while you might want to flip it over and very gently shake to remove crumbs. Spray with the compressed air or the electronic duster moving from one side to the other. Be sure to move around the keys to thoroughly clean between and underneath them.While you have the air, hit the ports. They are often overlooked in the cleaning process and can build up with dust. Use the brush to loosen anything stuck under the keys.

If you are comfortable with internals, remove the bottom panel and gently dust the fans with the compressed air. If your keyboard has removable keys, popping them off can give you a deeper clean.

Now that your keyboard is clean, turn your attention to the display. Use either your cleaning kit or alcohol mix to wipe the screen. Don’t spray anything directly onto the screen. Dampen the cloth and gently clean away smudges and fingerprints.

Next clean the touchpad and palm rests. If your cloth is dirty, dampen a clean cloth again with either the screen cleaner or alcohol solution. Wipe in a circular motion. If you are looking to disinfect, wipe the keycaps with the alcohol solution as well.

Once the inside of the laptop is clean, close it and use the cloth and solution to clean the outside. Dampen the cloth as necessary until all surfaces are clean.

You are ready to get back to work on your squeaky clean machine!

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Setting up a work-space you’ll love.

Photo by Ella Jardim on Unsplash

Many of us are finding ourselves working from home as more businesses make the tough decision to close their doors but look for way to keep moving forward. If you’re like me, you worked occasionally at the dining room table, on the couch, even on your bed from time to time. Setting up a dedicated work-space is important for organization and also to have a space where you feel productive.

The foundation of your work-space is the desk. Choose something that will give you enough space to perform the work you want to do and be organized. There are many options from lap desks, stand-up working stations, wall-mounted surfaces, to the traditional sit-down desk.

Now that you have your space, you need to optimize it. A great monitor riser (like the one below) offers you an ergonomic view and ample storage space.

Three by Three White up-rise! Desktop Organizer @ The Container Store

If you choose to sit, you’ll need a chair that keeps you comfy and takes care of your back. Check out this alternative option I found on Amazon.

DRAGONN Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

Once you have these foundations, make it your space. Odds are you’ll be spending a significant amount of time here. Fill it with things that make you smile, ease tension, and spark joy and creativity. We’ll get through this hurdle. Be Well.